Job Title : Wellsite Drilling Engineer
Reference ID : MENA/2022/10080

Job Location


Education Qualification
Bachelor Degree in Engineering (Petroleum, Mechanical, Chemical or engineering science)

Minimum of five (5) years in the oil and gas a minimum of 3 years’ experience in a drilling engineering and/or operations position.


1. Fluent in written and spoken English
2. Good communication skills
3. Good interpersonal and managerial skills
4. Understanding of safety, health, environment, ERP, and hazard
5. Understanding of rig equipment and system used in drilling operations
6. Knowledgeable in the rules and regulations of the standards and procedure associated with drilling operations 
7. Computer skills (familiar with drilling software and database management system) 


Job Description

1. Develop and generate drilling procedures related to drilling activities including propose and monitor drilling cost/AFE, based on the drilling program and procedures manual, in respect to safety, governing regulations, and the operations efficiency.
 2. Continuously monitor and evaluate the implementation of the approved drilling program (i.e. daily drilling operation monitoring) to ensure the program can be implemented and make revision as required to achieve drilling target.  
3. Keep abreast of the drilling technology development and obtain inputs from the related parties regarding the use of new drilling technology or methods in order to adopt the best applicable technology enhancing the drilling performance.

4. Coordinate with HSE team to promote HSE awareness, develop, implement, monitor and evaluate the safety & environment rules, standards and regulations for the drilling operations, in order to ensure that current activities at the operations sites are adhered to the company’s policies, the government regulations, as well as the international drilling operation standards and procedures.
 5. Coordinate with Drilling Support in preparing all supporting aspects required for drilling execution including preparation of all materials or services items to ensure the operation running smoothly and properly.  
 6. Provide assistance, analysis, technical guidance, or on-site supervision (well-siting) to solve operational problem on site whenever required.  
 7. Monitor the approved budgets to ensure effective use of the budget, do a review whenever required (including communicate with the related parties) for further approval requirement (internal and external).

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